Dedicated to Providing Quality IT Services to SMBs

At Dtex Consulting we provide a full range of IT services for small and medium businesses in East Bedfordshire and beyond, either ourselves or through carefully selected partners.

Established in 2003 we have consistently provided exceptional service to a growing list of loyal clients and pride ourselves in our quality of work, as well as our dedication to quick and reliable responses to all our client's needs.

With no fixed contracts or ongoing commitment from you we provide the flexibility that your business needs, even through difficult times.

By providing a single source for advice, supply and support of all your IT requirements we differentiate ourselves from many other similar companies, and can often beat their prices.

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De-mystifying 'The Cloud'

It's almost impossible to go through a day without hearing about 'The Cloud', how it's the best thing since the discovery of anything and that every business is moving all of their IT services to it.

Let us seperate fact from fiction, reality from hype and give you a real, balanced assessment!

We'll also explain what the term means, and show you that it's nothing new, has been around for many years and you have been using the cloud as long as you've been using the internet.

Yes, there are many good reasons for moving services you use to the Cloud, but there are also very valid reasons why you may want to keep services 'on premise', without being made to feel that it is wrong to do so!

Talk to us to discuss your individual situation and we'll have a balanced and honest discussion about the pros and cons for your organisation.

The fact of the matter is that for many small organisations the best solutions are likely to be a mixture of moving some things to cloud services and providers, while keeping other services on your premises.

Every company and organisation is different, with different needs, different requirements and a different comfort level. All these need to be taken into account when deciding where your data and services are best provisioned.

Our Services

With many years experience working in large corporates and providing services to SMBs we have the skills to provide the services SMBs need.

We partner with carefully selected companies when we think that they can provide a better solution by specialising in specific technologies. We do this to ensure that you get the very best service and products available.

Backups and Disaster Recovery

Every business needs reliable backups and a structured disaster recovery plan

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Software and Services

We can supply your cloud software

Increasingly your Business has the choice of subscribing to the software you use on a daily basis. Partnering with one of the leading providers of cloud software we can ensure you get the best deal.

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Bespoke Web Applications

When 'off the shelf' just doesn't do what you need

Many small businesses use software such as Excel far beyond what is practical. When trying to move on there either isn't software available to do what you want, or it's far too complex and you end up with prices that are astronomical for something you'll only use a small part of ... often you have to change your business to fit the software available.

We will work with you to design and develop a solution that works for your business rather than your business working for it.

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It's Your website, we just look after it

Hosting your website can be a minefield. From dealing with hosting companies, understanding domain names and protecting your corporate identity it can get complicated fast! We can do all of that for you, while ensuring that you keep ownership and control of the things that are important.

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A helping hand when you need it

Dealing with IT problems can be time-consuming and frustrating ... especially when it's not your speciality and you have more important things to do with your time.

Let us come in to deal with the problems. We spend our days sorting out IT issues so we know what we're looking at. Where necessary we can speak with your other IT suppliers in terms we and they understand (and can then translate that techno-speak into English for you!).

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Hardware Supply and Installation

Everything you need from one source

When looking for new IT equipment and software you can depend on us to give you clear and unbiased information about what's available, what the new trends are and what best fits your requirements.

We will then source from one of our suppliers, who we carefully select and build solid relationships with.

Finally we will install the equipment on your premises, ensuring that you are up and running with as little disruption as possible.

Servers, PCs, networking, software, printers, etc... - call us now to discuss your requiremnts


In today's interconnected world your network is more important than ever

Whether it's your Local Area Network (LAN) allowing your office equipment to talk to each other, or your Wide Area Network (WAN) allowing your office to talk to the internet and the rest of the world, nowadays having reliable network infrastructures is more important to your business than it ever has been in the past.

From IP Addresses to DNS, from routers to switches let us help you understand your requirements and design the network your business needs in a modern world.

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Copy and Print Solutions

For when your printing needs are a bit more

We have partnered with a dedicated print and copy solutions company that have a proven track record in significantly reducing costs.

If your print and copy needs are more than just occasional and your monthly costs are in the region of £200 or more talk to us about a free print audit. This will give you a clear understanding of your current setup and costs along with recommended solutions to save you money.

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